Based upon a modified version of the original Ugly Stick, the Giant Stick Sport 90 is our take on a classic sport plane. With fun flying and relaxation in mind, the Giant Stick Sport 90 is the perfect addition to any hangar. The high set wing, thick airfoil, large tail surfaces, and generous tail moment all contribute to a very stable flying plane.

The Giant Stick Sport 90 comes almost ready to fly, requiring just final assembly and equipment installation to complete. The all balsa and light plywood airframe is designed to accomodate gas, nitro, or electric motor configurations. A large hatch on the forward fuselage grants access to the wing bolts and fuel tank or battery tray depending on your chosen power plant. To aid in orientation and at the same time looking great, the Giant Stick 90 is covered in a printed plastic film with a multi color scheme. Rounding out the model is a nice pre-painted fiberglass cowl. To aid in cooling of the engine or electric motor, a tunnel is built into the bottom of the fuselage, which can also accomodate a tuned pipe. With the high level of pre-fabrication only an evening or two is all that is needed to go from work bench to flying field.

via Giant Stick Sport 90 Aerobatic Sport Plane Balsa 2000mm (ARF) (UK Warehouse).

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