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I bought the Matt Hall scheme, and I must say it looks great. I added the stars on the tail and fuselage.

I've had a couple of issues so far.

  • When screwing in one of the bolts for the horizontal stabilser the bolt went in at an angle and got stuck in the blind nut, then when I tried to remove it ripped the blind nut out of the ply. After trying various things I finally sawed the bolt off, and installed a new blind nut, and all was well again.

  • The model is supposedly designed around the DLE30 power plant, but I needed quite a few metal washers to push the motor forward to clear the cowl, and 1 washer on the top right of the cowl ring to cater for the down and side thrust.

Here is the engine installation, (an AGM 30cc) before the spacers were fitted. I'll try and get another with the spacers later.

AGM30 engine installation

I did have a lot of trouble trying to get the cowl aligned with the drive shaft. I was initially using (multiple) ply spacers, and was in retrospect suffering from some crushing, so things seems terribly badly aligned. I have since switched to using washers to move the motor forward, and its pretty good now, with just one washer having to be added to the top right (as seen from the front) to offset the cowl to deal with the right/down thrust. Pretty happy with it now.

Final cowl installation, side view Final cowl installation, top view

Dual power switch installation

Cowl cut, bottom view

Cowl cut, side view

Ignition installation

Choke servo install

Not sure this 1.9kg servo is good enough, it does not reliably close the choke fully, so it may have to be changed.

Fuel tubing installed Filter & vent line

Cable tidying More cable tidying More cable tidying Receiver installed

Wires tidied

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