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Edge540v3 31% Blue

I got a 31% Edge 540v3 from Hobbyplastic in the UK, they were offering a 10% discount on the Blue version (they no longer seem to have the Blue version listed, but PilotRC are still making it).

I was planning on putting an EME70 twin up front, but I got a fab deal on a practically brand new DLE55RA, so I'll be using that instead. Due to the awful amount of cowl butchery required for the single, I've reverted to my original plan and acquired an EME70. The DLE55RA is now destined for a 3DHS Slick 580 79".

As ever I will be using my trusty FrSky radio gear, an RB10 redundancy bus with an X8R and XM+, with dual LiFE batteries switched via a Jeti DPS-40, with a separate battery for the ignition via a RCExl switch, so no physical switches at all.

I'll be using BLS-HV7132MG on all control surfaces and PDI-6113MG for throttle and choke.

Build log

First up I fitted the undercarriage, two of holes in the carbon were too small to fit the bolts through, so I had to enlarge them.

Next, I drilled the firewall and mounted the engine (DLE55RA). Then I did a trial fit of the cowl, and could see there would be some serious cutting required and that the spinner backplate would be about 7mm clear of the cowl, which seems pretty odd considering the prop driver to firewall is 170mm, the same as the DLE61 which the firewall it already marked out for.

I decided to make a plate to add behind the firewall and countersink the original firewall to move the motor back around 4.5mm, this has worked out quite well. I think I'll use bolts instead of screwing and gluing the 2x3mm ply plate to the firewall, just in case I decide to change the engine for an EME70 twin in the future.

I mounted the DLE55RA and did another trial fit of the cowl. It looks like I'll still have a fair bit of a gap to the spinner backplate and will still need to cut the cowl a fair bit also.

I now have the EME70, and with no standoffs, it's about 155mm from the firewall to the prop driver. So I think 10mm standoffs will put the motor in just the right position. I'm going to fill the holes I drilled for the DLE55RA with a epoxy putty.

And a little cutout for the cylinder (not needed as I forgot I'd have an additional 10mm to play with)

Holes filled with epoxy putty (magic stuff)

Cowl fitted over motor held with a clamp as I don't have standoffs or long enough bolts yet. I spaced the motor with washers, getting about 7mm, so another 3mm with the standoffs looks about right.

New 10mm standoffs with two spacer washers, just right.

2 washers added to top of cowl to tilt it down a bit, not perfect, but close enough.

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