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Edge540v3 31% Blue

I got a 31% Edge 540v3 from Hobbyplastic in the UK, they were offering a 10% discount on the Blue version (they no longer seem to have the Blue version listed, but PilotRC are still making it).

I was planning on putting an EME70 twin up front, but I got a fab deal on a practically brand new DLE55RA, so I'll be using that instead.

As ever I will be using my trusty FrSky radio gear, and on advice from an IMAC champion I'll forgo all the redundancy stuff and just use a single 4200mah LiFE with a homemade power distribution board for power/servo connections, and a separate LiFE for the ignition.

I'll be using BLS-HV7132MG on all control surfaces and PDI-6113MG for throttle and choke.

Build log

First up I fitted the undercarriage, two of holes in the carbon legs were too small to fit the bolts through, so I had to enlarge them.

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