The current rules of M.A.C.I. require that in order to be able to fly unaccompanied a modeler must be in possession of an A Cert. The club has adopted the following training policy to get our new members up to A Cert qualification as quickly as possible.

Each new trainee should download the training log (see link below), which will have the A Cert manoeuvres on it. The pupil will perform these manoeuvres during the course of their training and the instructor will mark up the pupil's score at the end of each day or session so that there is a record of the progress they are making, and their progress can be monitored.

These scores will range from 1 (poor) to 5 (very good). When a pupil starts getting 4's and 5's he will be required to take the test. The scoring will also help the pupil by highlighting what their weak and strong subjects are and show their progress as well.

Each training log will have space for 10 sessions to be recorded and pupils will be required to take the A Cert test after 2 Training cards have been completed or earlier at the discretion of the the training officer.

The Training log will be held by the pupil and should be presented at each training session.

Training policy & log